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Sex, crime, and the family: Genealogical and critical perspectives

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2012: This research program will explore Michel Foucault's influential work on sexuality and delinquency. The three-fold objectives of this research program are: first, to take up Foucault’s genealogical studies of delinquency and sexuality in order to pursue a more sustained and specifically feminist account of sexual crime, with a particular interest in the relationship of the familial institution to those disciplinary and carceral institutions (the asylum, the prison) that manage sexual offenders and “infamous,” “dangerous,” and “abnormal” individuals more generally; second, to explore, bring attention to, and translate related works from Foucault’s genealogical period that help deepen our understanding of Foucault’s thought on sexuality, crime, and the family; and finally, to draw on Foucauldian and feminist theory to consider strategies of resistance to sexual crime.

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