Literature Review on Identity Development of Chinese Heritage Language Leaners in the Study Abroad Context

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  • Post-secondary institutions and their educational component—study abroad programs—often underrepresent minority students such as heritage language learners and overlooks their unique concerns and needs in study abroad experiences. Through an overview of current Study Abroad (SA) research and a discussion of the fundamental issue of identity of heritage language participants, this study provides a critical literature review on identity development of Chinese heritage language leaners (CHLLs) in the SA context. This preliminary literature review shows that current SA research on CHLLs are underexplored with the few studies focusing on the significant role of identity in their SA experiences. Restricted to small samples, limited program types, and overgeneralized CHLL groups, current SA study on CHLLs present individualized findings and entail more carefully controlled and in-depth research that consider the heterogeneity of this diverse population and the complex relationships between identity and heritage language learning.

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