A Random Utility Analysis of Southern Alberta Sportfishing

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  • This is the third report resulting from the study: \"A Socioeconomic Evaluation of Sportfishing Activity in Southern Alberta.\" The first report dealt with general results from the survey, while the second focused specifically on the impacts of the Oldman River Dam on recreational fishing in the Crowsnest area. This, the third report, examines the economics of fishing in a more regional framework, and investigates a number of behavioural assumptions in deriving non-market values associated with fishing in the area. A number of resource management scenarios are examined in this study. These were chosen with no particular knowledge of actual or contemplated management actions. However, the treatment of these scenarios illustrate how a vast number of management alternatives which result in changes in environmental or recreational quality could be examined in an economic context. Readers interested in this study should see the other two reports: Adamowicz, W.L., P.C. Boxall, D. Watson, and T. Peters. 1992. A socio-economic evaluation of sportsfishing activity in southern Alberta. Project Report 92-01; and Watson, D., W.L. Adamowicz, and P.C. Boxall. 1993. An economic analysis of recreational fishing and environmental quality changes in the Upper Oldman River Basin. Project Report 93-01. available from the Department of Rural Economy, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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