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Analysis and revision of an Edmonton Public Library materials pamphlet for adults with neurological communication disorders

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  • Adults with neurological communication disorders have the potential to benefit from the materials, technology, and services available at their local libraries. The purpose of this project was to analyze and revise the form, content, and use of a materials pamphlet intended to facilitate access to the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) system by adults with neurological communication disorders. This pamphlet was initially developed as a previous SPA 900 project. Our project involved analysis and revision of the first draft of the pamphlet, gathering of feedback on the revised version of the pamphlet from clinical SLPs, and further revisions based on this feedback. By evaluating and amending this resource, we anticipate that the utility of the pamphlet has been further improved, bringing the resource closer to implementation, and to the ultimate goal of reducing the activity limitations and participation restrictions faced by adults with neurological communication disorders.

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