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Research on su shi's zen thoughts

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  • Su shi's writings are as vast as the sea, and his zen writings are more unique and profound.. Su shi's zen thoughts are inseparable from his own ups and downs of life experience and his own free and unrestrained character, more importantly, su shi has a profound background of Buddhism. Under the social background of harmony of zen and religion, Su shi is engaged in many buddhist activities, but the root of his thoughts is that Su shi was most influenced by zen. This test will expound su shi's zen thoughts through three chapters. The first chapter analyzes su shi's thought of zen, mainly introducing su shi's thought of prajna emptiness and his thought of no thoughts and no living. The first section introduces the development of zen in song dynasty. Firstly, the test analyzes the historical background of the development of zen in the song dynasty and the key factor of promoting the development of zen in the song dynasty, that is, the emperor's policy of worshipping Buddhism; After that, it introduces the general situation of the development of Zen in the Song Dynasty., Text Zen is an important and unique form of Zen development in the Song Dynasty, it is closely related to Su Shi's Zenessays ,therefore, it introduces the general situation of the Northern Song Dynasty. Thesecond section mainly introduces Su Shi's prajna thoughts, first introduces the emptiness of Zen, and then explores the emptiness in Su Shi's article. The third section introduce sushi's prajnaparamita emptiness and his zen thought of no thoughts and noliving as well as his pursuit of a quiet and free life The second chapter summarizes Su Shi's Zen cultivation and Zen characteristics. The first section introduces Su Shi’s criticism of the problem of Zen scholarship at the time and summarizes Su Shi’s concept of Zen cultivation, which reflects Su Shi’s strong social responsibility and lofty admiration for the spirit of Zen. The second section summarizes the characteristics of meditation, practicality and dialectical rationality in Su Shi's Zen ideology, which has important reference and enlightenment significance for later life and meditation. The third chapter introduces the book "Dongpo Zen Xiji", which is a special collection and arrangement of Su Shi's Zen prose. Su Shi's Zen thought is mainly embodied in his prose articles, therefore, this book is of great significance for the study of Su Shi's Zen thoughts, however, the academic circles have not paid enough attention to this book. Therefore, the book is detailed in this book. Introduction to arouse the attention of the academic community. The final content of the article is the conclusion. It is pointed out that Su Shi is fundamentally a practitioner who takes the essence of Zen thought to guide life practice and improve the realm of life and analyzes the tension between Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in Su Shi's thought and the contradiction in his life.

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