Reverse discovery of packet flooding hosts with defense mechanisms

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  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks have long been a staple of the Internet?s malware community that has not been dealt with outside of companies with large budgets. Many of these attacks use spoofing to obfuscate their originating address. It is this problem that I intend to address with a new distributed traceback approach. In essence, it removes the effectiveness of clusters of infected botnet computers by ?worming? its way backwards through the Internet to locate the source of packets destined for a host under attack. Once the source is discovered, countermeasures are deployed at the source location, which ultimately prevent the traffic from ever entering the Internet, and decreasing the overall demand on the Internet. This is a benefit for both Internet backbone providers, as well as customers to these Internet service providers in that they would no longer be forced to suffer from extended periods of Internet outages.

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