"Here It Is Our Land, The Two of Us": Women, Men and Land in a Zimbabwean Resettlement Area

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  • This paper is based on field world undertaken in Sengezi Resettlement Area (Hwedza District) during 1995-7. The research was qualitative in nature, beginning with Participatory Rural Appraisal workshops (PRA), which led to the development of five different formal interview schedules for villagers from four of the six original villages (established in 1981) in the scheme. Data from three of these schedules are drawn on in this paper. A selected sample of 60 individuals, half men, half women were interviewed with the Household Schedule, which covered a broad range of social topics including inheritance and quality of life in resettlement; 20 men and 20 women were indiviudally interviewed with the Men's and Women's Schedules, which dealt directly with issues of women and the land, widowhood and inheritance; and a total of about 70 people participated in men's and women's group interviews with the Gender Schedule, which dealt with divisions of labour and responsibility and control in the household economy. Numerous key informant interviews with local officials and leaders were also carried out, along with documentary research, and newspaper analysis.

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