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Homelessness Coverage in Major Canadian Newspapers, 1987 – 2007

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  • This article describes how the Canadian printed news media depicted the homeless and their situations between 1987 and 2007. Our study used a descriptive, cross-sectional design and a content analysis was conducted on selected newspaper articles on homelessness issues. The main themes were housing-related issues, profiling of homelessness, health-related issues, economic factors, illegal activities, community aid and support, and social factors as cause of homelessness. Housing related issues, community aid and support, profiling of homelessness and economic factors were addressed in 85.3% of the stories. This study provides a retrospective examination of the media’s interests in and portrayal of the homeless and homelessness issues.

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    • Richter, S., Kovacs Burns, K., Chaw-Kant, J., Calder, M., Mogale, S., Goin, L., Mao, Y., and Schnell, K. (2011). Homelessness Coverage in Major Canadian Newspapers, 1987 – 2007. Canadian Journal of Communication, 36, 619-635.