The Gateway to Liberation and the Re-shaping of the Black Female Image

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  • This paper explores the role of Critical Education, Digital Humanities, and Black Feminist
    Theory in highlighting, uplifting, and re-shaping the black female image. This research will
    highlight works related to decolonization theory and respond to three main questions: 1. How has
    the black female ‘image’ been represented in societal institutions like universities and the media,
    and how has this impacted and generalized the public and personal understandings of black
    women in North American society? 2. What discourse is being promoted and facilitated on social
    media platforms concerning black women, their activism, their feminism, and their role in

    1. Can theoretical frameworks such as the Black Feminist Theory and Critical Pedagogy aid in black women’s personal, political, and socio-economic liberation by helping them understand and connect theory and practice dialectically?

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