Nosotros: A Digitization Story Between a University Library and Its Latin American Community

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  • Collecting latin American and Caribbean materials for a large Canadian university
    library in the twenty- first century now goes beyond the straight- forward acquisition of
    traditionally published information sources. the widespread use of approval plans allows
    academic librarians’ attention to turn to born- digital resources and to the preservation
    of local ephemera. this is the case of the Nosotros digitization project described here
    that includes videocassettes documenting latin American history and culture in Alberta,
    Canada. subject and language knowledge remain essential abilities of liaison or subject
    librarians who need to interact with community members, whether they are researchers
    and/or content creators, in order to be seen as credible partners, and understand the
    subject and its information sources. in the case of the Nosotros digitization project, Denis
    lacroix, subject librarian responsible for spanish and latin American studies at the University
    of Alberta, acted as the liaison between the University of Alberta libraries’ Digital
    initiatives team and the Nosotros director and founder. the university library became the
    catalyst in digitizing the collection of almost thirty years’ worth of audiovisual memory
    and in sensitizing all the partners in the importance of media preservation and long- term
    open accessibility and findability. the Nosotros project is much more than a digitization
    project: it is the story of a collaborative initiative spearheaded by a subject librarian.

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    • From Latin American Collection Concepts: Essays on Libraries, Collaborations and New Approaches © 2019 Edited by Gayle Ann Williams and Jana Lee Krentz by permission of McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640.
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    Latin American Collection Concepts : Essays on Libraries, Collaborations and New Approaches
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