Interaction Between A Screw Dislocation And A Multi-Layered Coated Piezoelectric Inclusion

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  • The current study investigates the interaction of a piezoelectric dislocation with a multi-layered coated fiber inhomogeneity embedded in an infinite piezoelectric solid. In our study, three dissimilar material phases are involved: the matrix, the inclusion and the multi-layered coating layers. By applying the complex variable method and the series expansion technique, close-form solution for the stress field and electric field due to a piezoelectric screw dislocation near the coated inclusion is obtained. The image force acting on the screw dislocation is determined by using the generalized Peach-Koehler formula. A positive value of the image force indicates that the coated inclusion repels the dislocation, and a negative one implies that the dislocation is attracted by the coated inclusion. Finally, the influence of material properties and geometric size of the coating layers on the screw dislocation has been examined and discussed.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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