EDSE 312/313 Art Show 2018 Catalogue

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  • This catalogue captures an art installation prepared by the secondary education art students (EDSE 312/313) under the guidance of their instructor: Ron Wigglesworth. The students' ingenuity and creativity were challenged in these projects and the mixed media results are thought provoking.

    Project 1 - Transformed or Reimagined Books
    Students were tasked to take a physical object making it represent an abstract idea infused with personal meaning. The students re-imagine, re-purpose and transform books to create multi-media art which addresses the students’ own experiences and represent social, political or ecological comment or shifts of ideas. Some students resisted changing or damaging the book and left it readable. This creative telling of the artists’ personal stories resulted in highly varied interpretations and iterations of work.

    Project 2 - Big Data Visuality: Making sense of the numbers
    We collect data on everything. Data is the new oil – a valuable resource of information used everywhere, from improving our quality of life to selling us things we don’t need. Can we bring those vast numbers to a human level?

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