United We Scroll: An Analysis of Canadian COVID-19 Convoy Content on TikTok

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  • In January of 2022, the self entitled #UnitedWeRoll convoy arrived in Ottawa and other locations around Canada to demonstrate against COVID-19 health measures and protest governments in Canada. While the group originated online, the in-person demonstrators commenced a month-long occupation that impacted international trade, community safety and brought the still raging conversation about COVID-19 even more to the forefront of Canadian society. With online communities being an influential venue for political discussion, it is important to understand the role of social media platforms and how social media content creators contribute to social and political movements on and offline. In this research, I analyze social media content produced by members of the far right on TikTok using the 2022 Canadian anti COVID-19 mandate demonstrations as a case study in order to gain insight into how far right movements in Canada grow and recruit new members to their networks.

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