Semantics of First Order Belief Revision Based on Circumscription

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  • Technical report TR92-17. The AGM postulates for knowledge base revision are a set of rationality postulates that revision operations on knowledge systems should satisfy. Defining an appropriate semantics for belief revision that satisfies all of the postulates has been considered a challenging problem. In this paper we present a novel application of circumscription to defining a semantics of belief revision systems. First, a first-order knowledge base is represented by a set of formulas in a first order epistemic belief language that contains objective propositions as well as belief propositions. Secondly, we define a revision semantics by applying a form of priority circumscription to the belief representation of the knowledge base. We prove that the semantics defined in this way satisfies the AGM postulates that are reformulated in our belief language. | TRID-ID TR92-17

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