Unpacking and overcoming "edutainment" in library instruction

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  • Within our field, and more widely, there is a way of thinking that equates effective teaching with effective entertaining. This way of thinking can be referred to as a “discourse of edutainment.” It underpins some of the publications and conversations that encourage librarians to make their teaching more entertaining, for example by playing improv games or adding humour. In this article, I examine the edutainment discourse in three ways. First, I identify and analyse it. Next, I connect it to larger concerns, such as creating significant learning experiences and wrestling with public speaking fear. To conclude I describe several concepts from the performing arts that could better support librarians working to teach in ways that are as engaging, significant, and enjoyable as possible.

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    • Polkinghorne, Sarah. 2015. "Unpacking and Overcoming "Edutainment" in Library Instruction." In the Library with the Lead Pipe.