Dataplane Based Fast Failover in SDN-Enabled Wide Area Measurement System of Smart Grid

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  • In the wide area measurement system (WAMS) of
    smart grid, the real-time monitoring and protection applications
    have stringent requirements for the end-to-end transmission
    delays between PMUs and PDC, and fast failover is required to
    ensure the communication performance after link failures. In this
    work, the software-defined network (SDN) technology is utilized
    to enable datapath failover upon a link failure with a global view
    of the communication network. Then, a novel dataplane based
    fast failover (DFF) mechanism is proposed to directly re-route
    the data packet in dataplane without interacting with the SDN
    controller. Based on the mathematical analysis over the WAMS
    topology features, the proposed DFF optimizes two procedures of
    failover: backup path construction, and backup path installation.
    Using the proposed backup path construction algorithms, the
    3-approximate and (1+2")-approximate (0 < " < 1) backup
    paths can be constructed, theoretically guaranteeing the data
    transmission delays both during and after failover. Using the
    proposed LinkID-based FF group table installation method, the
    conflict of forwarding rules between original and backup paths
    can be eliminated, while the storage cost is also optimized. The
    simulation results on six IEEE benchmark test power systems
    show that the proposed DFF mechanism could achieve lower
    data transmission delays during and after failover compared to
    the existing control plane based and dataplane based failover

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