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University Delegate Teleconference Minutes February 6, 2014

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  • Teleconference minutes are available for download for the February 6, 2014 University Delegate teleconference. Stacey McKinnon (Manager, CIHR Project Management Office) provided an update to the VPR roundtable meeting that took place with 43 universities on January 15 and 16, 2014. The reforms and the roles of University Delegates were discussed. Adrian Mota (Manager of Business Implementation, CIHR) provided an update to the Fellowship and Knowledge Synthesis Pilots. Greg Huyer (Acting Director of Open Programs, CIHR) provided an update to the Fall 2013 OOGP results and discussed the Spring 2014 OOGP registration and anticipated results. Finally, Kelly VanKoughnet (Associate BP, Research and Knowledge Translation) provided an update on the funding gap. Appendix 1 is the follow up to the Feb 6 UD teleconference that further discussed the funding gap.

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