Alkaline Earth Metal–Organic Frameworks with Tailorable Ion Release: A Path for Supporting Biomineralization

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  • An innovative application of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) is in biomedical materials. To treat bone demineralization, which is a hallmark of osteoporosis, biocompatible MOFs (bioMOFs) have been proposed in which various components, such as alkaline-earth cations and bisphosphonate molecules, can be delivered to maintain normal bone density. Multicomponent bioMOFs that release several components simultaneously at a controlled rate thus offer an attractive solution. We report two new bioMOFs, comprising strontium and calcium ions linked by p-xylylenebisphosphonate molecules that release these three components and display no cytotoxic effects on human osteosarcoma cells. Varying the Sr2+/Ca2+ ratio in these bioMOFs causes the rate of ions dissolving into simulated body fluid to be unique; along with the ability to adsorb proteins, this property is crucial for future efforts in drug-release control and promotion of mineral formation. The one-pot synthesis of these bioMOFs demonstrates the utility of MOF design strategies.

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