From Valuable to Essential: A Shift in Perspectives of Parental Roles in Education during COVID-19

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  • For students attending a regular school, parental engagement impacts student achievement more
    than many other factors. This impact on student achievement increases as parents take greater
    ownership and interest in their child’s education. Within the literature examined, the most
    important factor impacting student achievement was parental expectations. Locating education
    in the home does not necessitate increased parental engagement as can be seen comparing the
    results of distance education with homeschooling. For educators to increase parental
    engagement, lessons may be learned from models of parenting intervention. During the COVID19 pandemic, the education of students moved from school buildings to homes where the roles of parents have increased and teachers are limited to communicating from a distance. This
    increased reliance on parents in the education of their children can be viewed optimistically with the potential of positively impacting student achievement during a pandemic and, possibly, beyond.

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