A Principal’s Journey to Acceptance in a Small Northern Christian School

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  • In this paper, I will share my story and my experiences with the importance of acceptance in schools for LGBTQ1A2S+ students. Acceptance of students who identify as LGBTQ1A2S+ refers to acknowledging, respecting, and embracing people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions without prejudice, discrimination, or bias. This includes accepting them for who they are, affirming their identities, and supporting their rights to live authentically and freely. Acceptance entails creating inclusive environments where LGBTQ1A2S+ individuals feel safe, valued, and equal members of society, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It involves fostering understanding, empathy, and allyship to promote equality and justice for all members of the LGBTQ1AS+ community. Acceptance is essential for promoting mental well-being, fostering healthy relationships, and building a more inclusive and equitable school for everyone. This paper challenges the beliefs instilled in me by growing up in a Christian home and community. I hope that when others read this paper, they will think about change and accept others as they are. A stone thrown into still water has a ripple effect outward. This is the very same way this paper will have an effect in my community on LGBTQ1A2S+ acceptance. Change always starts somewhere, and sometimes, no matter how small, there will be a difference. When I join in with everything around me, it
    shapes who I am. This paper will come from a narrative indigenous perspective on the LGBTQ1A2+ experience. The stories about my travels and experiences I have encountered are all written in this paper in hopes that the paper helps someone in a positive way who is going
    through the same struggles. My literature review is significant as a community member and school principal. In our Christian community, we acknowledge the presence of a pressing challenge that revolves around integrating LGBTQ1A2S+ inclusivity within the framework of our faith-based
    A PRINCIPAL JOURNEY 3 school. The absence of clear policies, educational initiatives, and dedicated staff members has given rise to an environment where individuals within the LGBTQ1A2S+ community often feel marginalized, misunderstood, and excluded. This disconnect from our Christian values of love, compassion, and acceptance is evident in instances of bullying, discrimination, and emotional distress experienced by LGBTQ1A2S+ individuals among students in our school. “Oma ota ka masinahikiyan. Niteh hik ochi kapiks s\kweyan. Mista hi nimeweten ipakitinkawiyan ta nehiyaw asinahikiyan. We ya kwayask ni pikis kwan kanihiyaweyan maka askayas si yimowin namoya mitoni. Machika ekochi ninanaskomon.” (see Footnote 1)

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