Faster-Than-Real-Time Hardware Emulation of Extensive Contingencies for Dynamic Security Analysis of Large-Scale Integrated AC/DC Grid

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  • The rapid expansion of modern power systems
    has brought a tremendous computational challenge to dynamic
    security analysis (DSA) tools which consequently need to process
    extensive contingencies. In this work, hardware emulation is
    investigated to accelerate the DSA solution of a large-scale AC/DC
    system deployed on the field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)
    faster-than-real-time (FTRT) execution. Electromagnetic transient
    (EMT) modeling of the DC grid is conducted since the
    fast converter dynamics require a small time-step for accuracy;
    in contrast, the transient stability (TS) simulation is applicable
    to the AC grid which tolerates a much larger step size. To
    coordinate the 2 different types of simulation, an interface based
    on dynamic voltage injection is proposed to integrate the AC and
    DC grids, in addition to maintaining a low hardware latency.
    An emulation platform consisting of multiple FPGA boards is
    established so that with a proper allocation it has a sufficient
    capacity to accommodate the system under study which has 6
    ACTIVSg 500-bus systems interconnected by a 6-terminal DC
    grid. The efficacy of the proposed FTRT hardware emulation
    platform is demonstrated by 2 case studies with more than 5500
    contingencies analyzed in total, where an FTRT ratio of more
    than 208 is achieved for the hybrid AC/DC grid, while it is over
    277 times for a single 500-bus system. Furthermore, the FTRT
    dynamic emulation results, including the security indices, are
    validated by the simulation tool DSATools/TSAT.

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