Good Intentions: A Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) of the Each One Teach One (EOTO) Program

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  • There has been an increased focus on the importance of financial literacy education
    (FLE) over the past several decades. FLE is touted as a solution to the financial hardship many
    people are facing in our society, but even with this increased focus, the chasm between the most
    affluent and most marginalized in our communities seems to be growing. Research suggests
    these FLE programs may in fact be having the opposite effect by further reinforcing the policies,
    structures and behaviours that lead to inequality, while shifting the responsibility away from
    institutions and policymakers to individuals. This exploratory study examines these tensions by
    analyzing the written content and speaking notes of the Each One Teach One financial literacy
    program developed by Vancity Credit Union and managed in partnership by the Canadian Credit
    Union Association (CCUA). Through a critical discourse analysis of the program curriculum, the
    study aims to determine whether this program is contributing to financial inequality through the
    reinforcement of the powers, institutions, and social structures that contribute to inequality
    within Canada today.

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