Intra-Area, Inter-Area and Inter-AS Traffic Engineering and Path Selection Evaluation

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  • This capstone project focuses on theoretical and laboratory performance analysis and evaluation for Intra-Area, Inter-Area traffic engineering and path selection and L3VPN passing multiple autonomous systems. In the first section, chapter one to three focus on service a provider network design, capabilities, challenges and other relevant features that SP network must have, such as routing protocol, LDP vs RSVP, and failure detection and IGP convergence time. In the second section, chapters four and five, a research and theoretical illustration for Intra-area, Inter-area traffic engineering and inter-AS traffic engineering using different path computations and LSP signaling methods. In fact, per area path computation using local traffic engineering database (TED) and end-to-end path computation using path computation element (PCE) has been discussed in details. In addition, three label switch path (LSP) signaling methods (Contiguous LSP, Stitched LSP and Nested LSP) are discussed. Furthermore, Inter-AS L3VPN option A, option B and option C is also covered in this section. The last section, section three focus on laboratory implementation for Intra-Area and InterArea and Inter-As traffic engineering and path selection. In fact, per-domain path computation and PCE end-to-end path computation has been implemented. Furthermore, LSP protection and recovery have been tested and noted. Later in this section, Inter-AS options A , B, and C have been implemented. Finally, the implementations are evaluated and a recommendation is given.

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