Developing and Retaining Quality Educators in Small Schools

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  • This case study was conducted to gain insights into the attraction and retention of teachers in small schools. The research question posed was "how do leaders ensure small schools have access to highly qualified educators?" This case study drew on a grounded theory research paradigm combined with a critical research approach. Three respondents within the Peace River School Division (PRSD) were interviewed. Following the interview, data from the transcripts were coded and categorized into five themes: colleague support, job security, home, job satisfaction, and change of assignment. These data were then analysed and synthesized to form conclusions about what sort of environments encourage teachers to remain employed by a school
    or division. Teachers who feel supported, valued, empowered, connected and respected are more likely to stay. Following these conclusions, this study provides a number of actions for schoolbased and central office staff to consider when setting policy and planning. It is recommended that principals and central office staff develop policies that are flexible and responsive to the personal needs of teachers as well as to be proactive and plan ahead regarding staffing assignments.

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