The behavioural study of low interaction honeypots: DShield and Glastopf in various web attacks

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  • Web application honey pots are one of the available solutions to track and understand the attack pattern and type of methods/techniques used by the attackers on the application. In this research paper, the study has been conducted to analyze the logging behavior of low interaction honeypots: DShield and Glastopf. To do this, different types of web attacks have been used to understand the behavior of the logging system and the response mechanism of honeypots against the different attacks by anonymous users called Hackers or intruders. In the experiment, we had deployed two honey pots (DShield and Glastopf) to analyze their capabilities as honey pots and how these systems have been used as a decoy system. The experiment had critically evaluated the strengths and capabilities of these honeypots and compared the logging information that these systems were capable of doing.

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