Imperial Lodge at Aavasaksa, Finland - Photograph

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  • The legend at this site reads: \"1. The Imperial Lodge - Alexander II, Tsar of Russia and Grand Duke of Finland, was to visit Ostrobothnia and Lapland in 1882. Aavasaksa was chosen as the most northerly stop on his route. An Imperial Lodge was built on the top of the fell. The political situation at the time was, however, uncertain, and the journey was cancelled. In its architecture and paintings the lodge is in a romantic mixture of styles, with features of Neoclassical, Karelian, Byzantine and Viking styles. The columns and arches are ornamental, the wall panels with their Karelian motifs are all different, and the other ornamentation varies likewise. There are dragon motifs bearing the viewer to a Viking world. The engraved window boards chiefly point to the world of Karelian mythology. The lodge was restored in 1979 - 1982 by the Lapland district office of the National Board of Building, the National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments acting as expert.\"

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