Harmonic Analysis on Spherical h-harmonics and Dunkl Transforms

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    Ye, Wenrui
  • The thesis consists of two closely related parts: (i) Cesaro summability of the spherical h-harmonic expansions on the unit sphere, and (ii) Bochner-Riesz summability of the inverse Dunkl transforms on d-dimensional real space, both being studied with respect to the weight that is invariant under an Abelian group {±1}^d in Dunkl analysis. In the first part, we prove a weak type estimate of the maximal Cesaro operator of the spherical h-harmonics at the critical index. This estimate allows us to improve several known results on spherical h-harmonics, including the almost everywhere convergence of the Cesaro means at the critical index, the sufficient conditions in the Marcinkiewitcz multiplier theorem, and a Fefferman-Stein type inequality for the Cesaro operators. In particular, we obtain a new result on a.e. convergence of the Cesaro means of spherical h-harmonics at the critical index, which is quite surprising as it is well known that the same result is not true for the ordinary spherical harmonics. We also establish similar results for weighted orthogonal polynomial expansions on the ball and the simplex. In the second part, we first prove that the Bochner-Riesz mean of each L1-function converges almost everywhere at the critical index. This result is surprising due to the celebrated counter-example of Kolmogorov on a.e. convergence of the Fourier partial sums of integrable functions in one variable, and the counter-example of E.M. Stein in several variables showing that a.e. convergence does not hold at the critical index even for H1-functions. Next, we study the critical index for the a.e. convergence of the Bochner-Riesz means in Lp-spaces with p > 2. We obtain results that are in full analogy with the classical result of M. Christ on estimates of the maximal Bochner-Riesz means of Fourier integrals and the classical result of A. Carbery, Jose L. Rubio De Francia and L. Vega on a.e. convergence of Fourier integrals. The proofs of these results for the Dunkl transforms are highly nontrivial since the underlying weighted space is not translation invariant. We need to establish several new results in Dunkl analysis, including: (i) local restriction theorem for the Dunkl transform which is significantly stronger than the global one, but more difficult to prove; (ii) the weighted Littlewood Paley inequality with Ap weights in the Dunkl noncommutative setting; (iii) sharp local pointwise estimates of several important kernel functions.

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    Fall 2016
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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Mathematics
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    • Lau, Anthony T-M
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