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Promoting Sustainable Forest Management Among Stakeholders in the Prince Albert Model Forest, Canada

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  • Model Forests are partnerships for shared decision-making to support social, environmental, and economic
    sustainability in forest management. Relationships among sustainable forest management partners are often
    strained, but the Prince Albert Model Forest (PAMF) represents a process of effective stakeholder involvement,
    cooperative relationships, visionary planning, and regional landscape management. This article seeks to critically
    examine the history, drivers, accomplishments, and challenges associated with the PAMF. Four key phases are
    discussed, representing different funding levels, planning processes, research projects, and partners. Key drivers in
    the PAMF were funding, urgent issues, provincial responsibility, core of committed people, evolving governance,
    desire for a neutral organisation, role of protected areas, and potential for mutual benefits. The stakeholders
    involved in the Model Forest, including the forest industry and associated groups, protected areas, Aboriginal
    groups, local communities, governments, and research groups, were committed to the project, cooperated on
    many joint activities, provided significant staffing and financial resources, and gained many benefits to their own
    organisations. Challenges included declining funding, changing administrative structures, multiple partners, and
    rotating representatives. The PAMF process promoted consultative and integrated land resource management in
    the region, and demonstrated the positive results of cooperation between stakeholders interested in sustainable
    forest management.

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    • Hvenegaard, G., Carr, S., Clark, K., Dunn, P., & Olexson, T. (2015). Promoting Sustainable Forest Management Among Stakeholders in the Prince Albert Model Forest, Canada. Conservation and Society, 13(1), 51-61.