Field pile load tests in saline permafrost. II. Analysis of results

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  • Abstract: The results obtained from 14 pile load tests carried out in saline permafrost at Iqaluit, Northwest Territories, are analyzed with respect to (i) the development of load along the length of the piles as determined from strain gauges mounted along the embedded portion of the piles; (ii) the time-dependent displacement of the piles under a constant load; and (iii) the performance of grout as a backfill material. The grout used as a backfill material cured adequately and provided sufficient bond strength between the anchor and the grout to cause either the anchor to yield or failure in the surrounding frozen soil. The development of load along the pile resulted in a nearly uniform stress distribution for smooth-surfaced piles but was highly nonuniform when lugs were added. Time-dependent displacement of the piles without lugs can be described using a power-law relationship.

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    • Biggar, K.W., and Sego, D.C. (1993). Field pile load tests in saline permafrost. II. Analysis of results. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 30(1) 46-59. Doi: 10.1139/t93-005.