Literature Review: Summarization of Recent Additive Manufacturing of Polymers and Prospective.

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  • This Literature review seeks to summarize the current additive
    manufacturing methods and commercially available polymers
    generally used in additive manufacturing to better understand how to
    incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly materials into
    additive manufacturing without compromising the structural integrity
    of the final product. This paper also investigates and summarizes the
    advantages and disadvantages of the most commonly used polymers
    and concludes that in order to find the best polymer to use for a
    certain project 3 areas should be considered, namely consumer
    needs, environmental considerations and public health
    considerations. Furthermore it was concluded that deciding which
    polymer is best for a project involving additive manufacturing should
    be done on a case-by-case basis, as there is no polymer that can
    conform to every additive manufacturing application. Finally this
    literature review highlights and summarizes the issues that are
    encountered both in the additive manufacturing process and in the
    available polymers in order to serve as a fundamental building block
    for further research.

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