Design students unlock Open Access

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  • This poster [with handout, see \"attached,\" above] presents results from a collaboration between librarians and students in two visual communications design (VCD) courses. This collaboration first produced awareness campaign materials for the University’s 2014 Open Access Week celebrations, with the librarians acting as the \"community clients\" and the students creating visual identity proposals. From there, however, students’ Open Access Week involvement went well beyond visual identity concepts: they also created interactive installations which ran as a public exhibition within the University’s busiest library. For the design students, this offered a rare opportunity to take their coursework past the proposal stage into the realities of building and exhibiting. All along, as their understanding grew and deepened, students wrestled creatively and provocatively with the concept of Open Access. For the librarians, and our library system, the exhibition hugely enriched our conventional Open Access Week offerings — lectures and discussions — with a popular, unique event that was expressive, experimental, and student-driven.

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    • Polkinghorne, S. (2015, March). Design students unlock Open Access. Poster presented at the annual conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America, Fort Worth, TX.