Edmonton Bike Share Scheme

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  • Public transit system is the pulse of urban life. City planners are seeking
    solutions to promote public transit due to insufficient capacity of the road
    network and related environmental problems. Cycling, as one of the
    energy efficient transport modes, has high potential to improve the
    livability and sustainability of the city. Over the past decade, a significant
    number of bike sharing programs have emerged due to the benefits that
    cycling brings. Bike-sharing systems improve the accessibility and
    connectivity to other public transit, as well as encouraging citizens to
    participate in a healthy activity.
    The cold climate and characteristic landscape forms a unique cycling
    culture in Edmonton. The purpose of this thesis is to propose a possible
    way of conducting a bike share scheme in the city of Edmonton. An
    internet-based bike sharing solution is introduced, including area plan,
    station and bicycle design, service design and marketing strategy.

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