A Visual Exploration of a Logo and Visual Identity System for William Hawrelak Park

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  • This research project is concerned with enhancing identity and visibility
    for William Hawrelak Park, recognizing its pivotal role in connecting people,
    especially students, with the natural environment. As urban areas expand,
    people’s interaction with nature dwindles, affecting their well-being.
    University students, constitute a vital demographic that stands to benefit
    from nature’s positive impact on mental and physical health.
    The project originated from the researcher’s personal journey as a
    newcomer to Canada, seeking solace in nature. William Hawrelak Park
    emerged as a sanctuary, nurturing connections and inspiring an interest
    in park identity. Presently, the park lacks an identity that encapsulates
    its essence. This exploratory research aims to rectify this by crafting
    a distinctive visual identity for the park, targeting students, especially
    international students, to foster a sense of connection, belonging, and
    To achieve these objectives, qualitative research methods were used.
    Interviews with students elucidate their perceptions and expectations
    regarding the park’s visual identity, helping design an engaging visual
    brand. Observational research documents unique park elements,
    enriching the design process. A follow-up interview gauges the impact of
    the new design. Thematic analysis and mind mapping guide data synthesis
    and the design process.
    By establishing a robust visual identity, this research project strives
    to attract students to William Hawrelak Park, thereby enhancing their
    interaction with nature and improving their overall health and well-being.

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