Group Trip Planning Queries in Spatial Databases

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    Ahmadi, Elham
  • Trip planning queries are considered an important part of Location Based Services. As the first part of our research, we investigated Sequenced Group Trip PLanning Queries (SGTP) queries. Given a set of source locations and destinations for a group of n users, and a sequence of Categories of Interests (COIs) that the group is interested to visit altogether, a SGTP query returns for each user, the route from his/her source location to his/her destination such that all users go through the same Points of Interests (POIs), while minimizing the group total travel distance. As the second phase of our research, we assumed that users are interested to visit a POI belonging to the predefined COI altogether with the goal of minimizing the total detour distance towards group’s preferred paths. In the third phase of this research, we investigated a combination of trip planning and path nearest neighbor queries, which we refere to as “Best-Compromise In-Route Nearest Neighbor”. We investigated the problem where a user, traveling on his/her preferred path, needs to visit one (of many) POI while minimizing his/her total travel distance and also minimizing the detour distance incurred to reach the chosen POI. Finally, we studied the k-CPQs in road networks. Given two sets of nodes P and Q on a road network, a k-Closest Pairs Query (k-CPQ) finds the pairs from P × Q which have the k smallest network distances. Although this problem has been well studied in the Euclidean and metric spaces, this is the first time it is being investigated in the more realistic case of road networks.

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    2017-11:Fall 2017
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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Computing Science
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    • Mario A. Nascimento (Computing Science)
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    • Mario A. Nascimento(Computing Science)
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