JRefleX: Towards Supporting Undergraduate Software-Development Team Projects

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  • Technical report TR03-19. In most engineering disciplines, it is assumed that the education of their professionals involves an apprenticeship component, in addition to their formal training. This is why most undegraduate software-engineering programs involve a capstone project course, where students, in preparation for becoming software professionals, work in teams to design, develop and document a substantial software system. Our experience with such a course has been that the success of a such a team project depends, on one hand, on the technical competency of the students, the quality of the tools they use, and the project-management decisions they make during the project lifecycle, and, on the other, the specific and timely feedback of the instructor is invaluable. However, instructors of such courses are, more often than not, overwhelmed with the task of closely monitoring the progress of multiple teams, and problems in a team's process and product may go unnoticed until it is too late to be addressed. This paper introduces the JREFLEX environment, which we developed upon the Eclipse framework, to support the reflection on small software teams. | TRID-ID TR03-19

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