4A2 Keeping up-to-date with information retrieval research: Summarized Research in Information Retrieval for HTA

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  • Introduction: Increasing numbers of research papers about information retrieval for health technology assessments, systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses are being published. It is time-consuming and demanding for information specialists to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. To help to meet these challenges, the Interest Group on Information Retrieval (IRG) of Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) has created an open-access web resource entitled SuRe Info (http://www.sure-info.org). Description: Information retrieval methods publications are identified by running topic-specific search strategies in selected relevant databases. A structured appraisal is created for all publications fulfilling the SuRe Info inclusion criteria. The key messages from the appraisals are summarized into topic-specific chapters. Outcomes: Fourteen chapters are now available on SuRe Info, with others currently in development. SuRe Info chapters cover two types of categories: 1) general search methods used across all health technologies, such as strategy development and search filters, and 2) methods used when searching for specific aspects of health technologies, such as clinical effectiveness, safety and economic evaluations. References at the end of each chapter are linked to appraisals of included publications. Links to full-text are provided when freely available. Discussion: SuRe Info offers research-based advice for everyday searching issues. With updates every six months, SuRe Info seeks to help information specialists stay current in the latest developments in the field. It provides easy access to summaries of current methods papers and supports timely uptake of potential new efficiencies in information retrieval practice.

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