Statistical Overview of Field Crop Acres, Yields, and Prices in Western Canada

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  • This study is a statistical overview of acres, yields, and prices for major field crops in western Canada. The period of study is from 1908 to 2006. The field crops considered in this study are wheat, rye, barley, oats, canola, flax, and summer fallow. The provinces covered in this study are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. The objective of the report is to provide background analysis for future research on the economics of increased tolerance in cereal crops in Western Canada. Acres, yields, and prices are examined for each crop in each province. Inflation is taken into account so all nominal prices are converted to real prices with a base year 2005. Wheat yields for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are compared with each other based on regression analysis to determine if the historical trend in yields differs between the three provinces. Unless otherwise noted, \"wheat\" refers to all wheat including spring, winter, and durum wheat. However, winter wheat is a crop of interest in the cold tolerance study. As a result, winter wheat acreage and yields are examined and compared with spring wheat in a separate part of this report.

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