Exploring Graduate International Students' Sense of Belonging in Canadian Higher Education Institutions

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  • As the number of international students in Canada continues to rise, understanding and addressing the challenges associated with their sense of belonging becomes paramount. This paper, authored by an international student and instructor, explores the intricate emotions and perceptions surrounding the sense of belonging within the Canadian higher education sector. Utilizing Maslow's theoretical framework of belongingness, the study aims to comprehensively unravel the origins and manifestations of these feelings, shedding light on their impact on academic performance and social integration. This research aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the experiences and needs of international students, advocating for the creation of an inclusive and supportive academic environment in Canada. By identifying and addressing the factors influencing a sense of belonging, the paper seeks to enhance the academic success and holistic well-being of international students, ultimately fostering a community where every student feels connected and valued.

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