Questioning the Helping Hand: A Literature Review on Politics in Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)

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  • This literature review examines the multifaceted roles of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in bridging gaps left by state and market failures, particularly in sectors such as education, health, and environmental conservation. The literature review traces the historical context of NGOs post-World War II, highlighting their evolution from local initiatives to major players on the global stage, as detailed by scholars like Reimann (2006) and Brass et al. (2018).
    It also explores strategic proliferation and operational challenges faced by NGOs across different political and economic contexts. It discusses the dual role of NGOs as both service providers and policy influencers, acknowledging their significant contributions to community development and
    global governance. However, it highlights the contentious issues of accountability and legitimacy, suggesting that while NGOs are indispensable agents of change, their effectiveness is often marred by issues of donor dependency and insufficient grassroots engagement. The literature review identifies critical gaps in current research, particularly the need for more comparative studies that consider the impact of technological advancements and shifts in governance on NGO effectiveness, and thereby calls for future research to explore more sustainable and inclusive operational models that reduce dependency and enhance the long-term impact of NGOs in community development.

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