Embodied information in workplace contexts

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  • The purpose of this poster is to highlight what is known about embodied information in people’s work experiences. This research extends our understanding of this issue by exploring embodiment in work settings beyond what has been examined to date in information behaviour and information practice (IB/IP) scholarship. This poster reports results from a scoping review investigating what research literature reveals about how people are informed by their own bodies. Embodiment has been little examined in IB/IP scholarship, but a growing number of researchers advocate for greater attention to it (Keilty & Leazer, 2014; Leug, 2015; Lloyd, 2010; Olsson, 2009). Focusing on results relating to work settings, this poster synthesizes findings from allied disciplines as well as library and information studies (LIS). This study follows Arksey & O’Malley’s scoping review method (2005). This method is widely used in the health sciences to generate a picture of the state of knowledge on an issue, and IB/IP researchers can use it for the same purpose. Data collection involved searching five databases for potentially relevant literature: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Web of Science, LISA, and Library & Information Science Source. This searching, limited to 1990-2015, created a deduplicated screening pool of 3097 records. Next, the researchers iteratively refined inclusion criteria and narrowed this pool to 249 studies for full-text examination and thematic analysis.

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    • Polkinghorne, S., & Chambers, T. (2016, October). Embodied information in workplace contexts. Presented at the Symposium of the Special Interest Group for Information Needs, Seeking, and Use (SIG-USE), Annual Meeting of the Association of Information Science and Technology, Copenhagen.