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Young children, iPads, and Emerging Literacy

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  • Before a child learns to read, she or he has already had many experiences with language and with print. These prior experiences help to shape childrenʹs understanding of the contexts in which print-based language is useful, and of what it can do and how it works. However, omnipresent technologies have changed the landscape. Childrenʹs observations of and experiences with language and literacy have shifted, and current conceptualizations of emergent literacy are continually adapting to reflect that shift. Research into how children interact with digital technologies is an essential step in the development of those conceptualizations.
    This session will provide an overview of current research into childrenʹs interactions with digital technologies, focusing specifically on childrenʹs use of tablets. Participants will add to their understanding of what emergent literacy means in todayʹs context of widespread technology use; by better understanding current research, library practitioners can make more informed decisions about how to support families in their use of digital technology.
    Information for this session will be drawn from work conducted as part of my MLIS, and adapted from my presentation for the 2017 YRL Conference.

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