A Comparative Study of Time Synchronization Protocols for Sensor Networks

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  • Wireless sensors network is a type of the Ad-hoc network. It is comprised of many sensors, interlinked with each other for performing the same function collectively such as monitoring the weather conditions, temperature, different kind of vibrations, sound etc. Any distributed system requires time synchronization. In particular, time synchronization is extremely important for wireless sensor network applications (e.g. for Data Fusion,
    TDMA Schedules, Synchronizes Sleep Periods, etc.). In this project work, we study different time synchronization protocols available for sensor networks, like Reference Broadcast Synchronization (RBS), Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol (FTSP) and Time Synchronization Protocol for Sensor
    Networks (TPSN). Network Time Protocol (NTP), which is very famous in the computer network, is also studied. The simulation of these protocols performed on the sensor network with the help of a simulator. The effects of these protocols on different parameters are studied and results obtained are compared in this project work.

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