A Particle-Based Model for Non-Newtonian Fluid Animation

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  • Technical report TR05-21. Non-Newtonian fluids exist in nature, such as blood and egg white, and in man-made products, such as toothpaste and ketchup. They exhibit more interesting and complex behaviors than traditional Newtonian fluid such as water. In this paper, we propose a new particle-based model for the animation of non-Newtonian fluids. The new model has two contributions. The first contribution is a new particle dynamics method. It takes into account rotational frame indifference in stress tensor computation while previous non-Newtonian fluid models in computer graphics do not. Therefore, our model is more accurate in animating rotational non-Newtonian fluid motions. In addition, the particle dynamics method includes a new SPH-based Poisson equation for pressure to enforce fluid incompressibility. The second contribution is a new particle re-sampling method. It is observed that irregular particle distribution causes inaccurate fluid modeling and consequently particles may form unrealistic clusters. In previous Newtonian fluid models, some techniques have been proposed to deal with the particle clustering problem. However, we show that they are not effective for fluid stretching, which is a common motion involved in many non-Newtonian fluid phenomena. To address this problem, in our particle re-sampling method, particles are down-sampled and then up-sampled such that a well distribution of particles is attained. Overall, many experimental animations are produced, including immiscible fluid-fluid interaction and fluid interaction with rigid-body. These animations demonstrate our contributions and show that our model is able to animate interesting non-Newtonian fluid behaviors. | TRID-ID TR05-21

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