Irreducible Characters of GL(n, Z/p^l Z)

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    Wen, Qianglong
  • We first find all the irreducible complex characters of the general linear group GL(2, Z/p^l Z) over the ring Z/p^l Z, where l is an integer >1 and p is an odd prime, and determine all the character values. Our methods rely on Clifford Theory and can be modified easily to get all the irreducible complex characters of GL(2, Z/p^l Z) when p = 2. We deal with irreducible characters which are not inflated from GL(2, Z/p^{l-1} Z). These have three possible degrees. There are characters induced from a Borel subgroup, which have degree (p+1)p^{l-1}; and there are two other families of characters, of degrees (p-1)p^{l-1} and (p^2-1)p^{l-2}. Many results can be extended to the group G=GL(2,R) with R=S/P^l where S is the ring of integers in a local or global field and P is a maximal ideal. If S/P has q elements, we can replace p by $q$ in the degree and number of each degree formulas we find. We study GL(2,Z/p^l Z) in our work not only because it can give us some general results, but also it is simpler when we deal with character values. We also construct irreducible characters of GL(3, Z/p^2 Z) and GL(3, Z/p^3 Z). There are 7 kinds of irreducible characters for each group, and these 7 kinds of irreducible characters also show up for group GL(3, Z/p^l Z) for any l>1. We have all the degrees and the number of characters of each degree for the GL(3, /p^2). Moreover, we find all the irreducible constituents of character Ind_B^G(1) for the two groups GL(3, Z/p^2 Z) and GL(3, Z/p^3 Z), where B is the corresponding Borel subgroup.

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    Fall 2011
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    Doctor of Philosopy
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