Student Assessment of Learning Gains (with E-resources)

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  • In the health professions, even more so than in other programs, a mastery of content related to patient care and infection control is of paramount importance. Nursing students and dental hygiene students are required to take MMI 133, Medical Microbiology for Health Professionals. This is a large class and in order to adequately provide resources for the students, a learning management system is utilized to increase student participation with the course material and with the course instructors and teaching assistants. The SALG (student assessment of learning gains) is a validated, standardized survey that can be customized for individual courses. We administered the survey to the health professional students at the end of their Medical Microbiology for Health Professional course, MMI 133. The participation rate for the survey was 28%. Students rated the e-resources according to their perceived learning gains, including learning games and quizzes of many different types, and instructor/TA led chat rooms. Results for questions about learning games where: 64% of students found small simple learning games very helpful; 73% found the Vista self quizzes helpful and 82% found the large multiplayer games very helpful. 84% of students thought that the instructor feedback provided in the multiplayer games was important for their learning. 61% reported gains as a result of the chatrooms throughout the course and 85% of students felt that the content they learned in the course would be useful for them in the clinical situation.

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