Regulation of Auxin Transport in Arabidopsis Leaf Vascular Development

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  • The plant vascular system transports water and nutrients, but also regulatory molecules that function in short- and long-distance mechanisms to pattern surrounding tissues. As such, the development of the vascular system is tied to the overall patterning and development of the plant body. The plant signal hormone auxin functions in short-range mechanisms to pattern vascular strands in the leaf (‘veins’), therefore the polar transport of auxin is crucial to vein development. In this study I have investigated the contributions to vein patterning of both light perception, and polarity alterations that are mediated by the AGCVIIIa subfamily of serine-threonine kinases. I have found UV-A/blue and red/far red signalling negatively regulates vein network formation, and that red/far red signalling antagonizes auxin transport in vein patterning. As well, I have found that the AGCVIIIa serine-threonine kinases regulate vein patterning, and do so at least partially through interaction with auxin transport.

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