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J'ai faim! Food and Politics in France in World War II

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2021: My study of the food supply in France addresses two issues fundamental to civilian survival: state management of food supplies and civilian adaptations to scarcity. My project will reconstruct French food policy from 1939 to 1950, analyze the locations and logic for protests, and assess the political repercussions of popular discontent. It will include comparative analysis for rural/urban and regional differences in food supply, changes in food consumption and culture, and the management of French food supply in the context of a world war. Archival research is essential to reconstruct food policy and changes in food output, consumption, and culture. I will gather evidence for state policy development in national archives; in departmental archives, I will seek evidence of regional impact and resistance. My research integrates quantitative data and qualitative sources, and explores the reflexive relationship between national policies, regional and local improvisation, and popular resistance. Together, these can explain the disorder in food supply in France and the frequency of protests. I will also gather evidence from national and international sources for details on the European and global food crises, necessary to contextualize my work on France.

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