Meaning and Ontology

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  • This paper is an investigation into the role of linguistics in philosophical theorizing. In particular, we will show how linguistic evidence can be adduced in support of an event approach to action verbs and their adverbial modifiers: if we increase the adicity of verbs, if we allow there to be reference to events, if we treat adverbs like adjectives that modify events, if we allow prepositional phrases to be akin to adjectives, etc., then we can explain all sorts of inferential relations among sentences using these verbs, as well as our capacity to comprehend a potential infinitude of well-formed meaningful non-synonymous sentences that employs these verbs.

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    • Lepore, E., & Pelletier, F.J. (2012). Meaning and Ontology. In R. Schantz (Ed.), Prospects for Meaning (vol. 3, pp. 399-434). Berlin, Germany: de Gruyter.
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