Lipid Modified Polymers for Transfection of Human CRL Fibroblasts, and for siRNA Mediated MDR Reversal in Melanoma Cancer Therapy

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    Abbasi Dezfouli, Meysam
  • Gene delivery for therapeutic purposes is quickly emerging as the best potential treatment option for inherited genetic diseases and cancer. Viral gene carriers have been the choice for this purpose due to their high efficiency, but harmful immunogenic and oncogenic host reactions have limited their in vivo use. Cationic polymers provide a safe alternative to viral carriers as they can be engineered to reduce immunogenic and toxic responses and serve therapeutic purposes in the body. Due to their strong positive charge, they are able to compact the negatively charged nucleotides to small nano-sized particles appropriate for cellular uptake. Additionally, they efficiently encapsulate the highly sensitive nucleotides, and protect them against degradation by the nucleases present at the physiological milieu. In this thesis work, I have used a novel approach for gene delivery by combining the critical properties of a cationic polymer (i.e., nucleotide condensing ability) with that of a fatty acid (i.e., lipid membrane compatibility). The resulting lipid modified polymer increased delivery of our gene of interest into target cells and resulted in increased siRNA delivery for cancer gene therapy.

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    Fall 2010
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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Berthiaume, Luc (Cell Biology)
    • Pun, Suzie (Bioengineering)
    • Hugh, Judith (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology)
    • Burrell, Robert (Biomedical Engineering)
    • Weinfeld, Michael (Oncology)
    • Willman, Alan (Biomedical Engineering)