Enterprise Based VPN

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  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) as the name suggests is a is a network that is virtual and is constructed over already established network like Internet and helps connecting internal network of a company at one site to internal network of company at another site. This method provides secure access from a company branch to there headquarters. It guarantees that the Data, which can be sensitive data for the company is being sent and received, encrypted and is safe from attacks. VPN provides confidentiality, authentication, and integrity. VPN can be set up using different protocols like IPSec, Transport Layer Security, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol etc. Protocols like Transport Layer Security, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol provides data security and privacy between two computer applications that are communicating. Models used to implement VPN are overlay and Peer to peer. Tunnels that being implemented in this project are based on Cisco IOS such as IP sec and DMVPN. *Publication date not found.

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